July 29, 2018

Every person that holds a diploma in life, as I have, knows that working, being able of providing to your family, is a sacred thing that give us pride. In order to have a job and make it happen we need the economy to grow, and the outcomes of this growth to be distributed fairly.

To make the economy grow, the companies must invest. In other to the entrepreneur invest they need the government to provide infrastructure, a stable environment and politics favoring credit for investment and consumption.

Investment will generate employment in industry, which is going to pay wages that generate consumption, which is going to make commerce sell and produce more workers at the store, which is going to consume too. It is like a giant Ferris wheel.

As more employment and social inclusion there is, more salary, more consumption, more revenue that allows more investment, with more employment. It is obvious: money, on the hands of wealth ones is going to stay stuck at the bank. Money on the hands of poor people: goes straight to the market and moves the economy.

In order to do so, it is fundamental that Brazil recovers its capacity to invest and produce a new growth cycle. Brazil was one of the most promising and optimistic countries in the world, when it followed this path that combines combating poverty with economic development. Now, country lives a different cycle. Present government reduces investment, producing poverty, unemployment, and increase of energy costs. Industry and commerce cuts jobs. They say inflation decreased, but the poorer are suffering with the increasing prices of cooking gas and the middle classes with the increasing prices of petrol and health insurances. Of course the relation between debt/GDP is worst, because the GDP does not grows.

Labor reform leads to lower quality jobs, reduces worker safety, and cuts rights. The reform will also make it difficult to qualify the workforce at a time when there is more and more technology in any sector of society.

The upcoming elections are key to defining the country’s path. We need to resume investments in the future of Brazil, and this future is the Brazilians who need to return to employment, opportunities and dreams. In my government, people made installments to bought a car and a house. Now, with Temer and the PSDB, they buy a petrol tank or a gas canister in installments.

The real resumption of economy will be when people get back to having good jobs with a formal contract, getting a chance to go to college and buy a house. For that to happen, we need rulers who believe in our people … I’m sure it’s possible to overcome the crisis, because I’ve solved a serious crisis in Brazil once and I’m sure I can, more experienced, do it again.


Sources: Jornal do Commercio (PE), A Tarde (BA) and O Povo (CE).